Principal Investigators

Ian A. Gardner

Wesley O. Johnson

Department of Statistics
University of California, Irvine


Adam J. Branscum

School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
Oregon State University, Corvallis

Young-Ku Choi

Institute for Health Research and Policy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Marios P. Georgiadis

Department of Animal Production, Ichthyology, Ecology and Environmental Protection
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Tim E. Hanson

Department of Statistics
University of South Carolina

S. Reza Jafarzadeh

Department of Medicine and Epidemiology
University of California, Davis

Patrick S. McInturff

Private Veterinary Practice

Locksley Messam

Department of Public Health Sciences
University of California, Davis

Michelle Norris

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
California State University, Sacramento

Chun-Lung Su

Department of Statistics
Tunghai University, Taiwan

Eric A. Suess

Department of Statistics and Biostatistics
California State University, East Bay