Becky FerreiraBecky Ferreira

Becky has been working at CADMS as an analyst since 2006.  She is currently a project manager who oversees and participates in grant submissions, deliverables, financial administration, and reporting requirements.  She assists with the development of global models and surveillance systems, Disease BioPortal®, and research of foreign animal diseases. Additionally, she is responsible for reviewing and maintaining all news updates for foot-and-mouth disease, porcine epidemic diarrhea, and African swine fever.



Zack WhedbeeZack Whedbee

Zach is the system administrator and lead programmer for CADMS.  His responsibilities include network security, database administration, and web site administration for the lab.  In addition, he is the lead developer for the Disease BioPortal® and contributes to a variety of software projects at CADMS.




Jerome BaronJerome Baron

Jerome (DVM, MSc) earned his DVM from the University of Liège, Belgium, in 2013 and his MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 2015. After a year working as an epidemiologist in human oncology in the private sector, he started the PhD program  at UC Davis in 2016, and is working as an analyst for CADMS, supporting the partnership with the Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials of UC Davis and other research projects from CADMS. His main interest are in infectious zoonotic disease and he aims to pursue his education and research in that domain.