Data Science, Biostatistics, Study Design Support

Data Science, Biostatistics, Study Design Support

Pre-study support: we work with faculty, researchers and students to help in the study design, the selection of the type of analysis and the use of appropriate methods and tools for the analyses. We contribute in grant proposal planning and writing to incorporate innovative approaches and methods into the research plan to increase the quality of the application and help drive the research forward. We also prepare letters of support for research proposals.

Post-study support: we provide support for data integration, management and analysis, including but not limited to: design and implementation of personalized (usually Big Data) analytics, outbreak investigations, prevalence estimation, evaluation of diagnostic tests, risk assessment, risk mapping and spatial epidemiology, statistical analyses using frequentist or Bayesian frameworks, clinical trials, risk factor analysis, network analysis, cluster analysis, space-time-phylogenetic analyses, etc.

Our experience to accomplish those analyses are based in a strong background of our personnel and participation in a high number of research activities and services related with data collection, data management and data analysis in the areas of epidemiology and risk analysis. Those activities and services have been conducted to attend the demands of very diverse national and international research institutions, governmental organizations and the industry under very diverse epidemiological scenarios and settings. As a result of those activities we have developed strong methodologies and produced numerous scientific papers (over 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts since Jan 2014) in the areas of risk analysis, analytical epidemiology and modeling (see list of publications sorted by analytical methods here).

Our programming & data analysis hourly UC-Davis approved rate is $96 (UC Davis faculty/staff/students) and $137 (non-UC Davis/external rate). Please contact us to evaluate the approximate cost/hours needed for your project, or book an appointment online using the link below.

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