CADMS Student Experiences

CADMS Student Experiences

Brittany L Morgan

Vienna, Austria - Summer 2022

Brittany and Group in Vienna


In preparation for her PhD work, Brittany spent two weeks in Vienna among an international cohort of students and faculty, learning to integrate theory and methods from a broad range of disciplines to model complex socio-behavioral systems and understand their behavior. The International Summer School was hosted by the Santa Fe Institute for complexity science



Karla Rascón-García

Brazil – Summer 2019

Karla Rascon-GarciaReturning on second project, Karla spent five weeks with PANAFTOSA-PAHO/WHO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Core undertakings during this time included the development of a Bayesian model, estimating sensitivity and specificity of a new Glanders diagnostic test developed at PANAFTOSA. The personal and academic mentorship from our collaborator, Dr. Manuel Sanchez-Vazquez, led to a highly fruitful project and visit.







Pablo Gómez

Ecuador – Summer 2019


As part of his PhD work, Pablo Gómez visited the national veterinary services of Ecuador, AGROCALIDAD, to meet our collaborators. Some of the activities included training to the AGROCALIDAD personnel, and meetings with the different departments to exchange ideas and present the progress of the project.






Jerome Baron

Cambodia – Spring 2019

CambodiaWithin the scope of his PhD project focusing on rabies surveillance and control of rabies, Jerome spent five weeks at the Pasteur Institute of Cambodia (IPC), in Phnom Penh, to meet with collaborators from IPC and the French institute for agricultural research CIRAD, discuss methods and objectives, and implement data-sharing agreements. He also spent a few days in the field in the province of Kandal, observing an ongoing canine vaccination and demographic survey campaign, which will provide one of the data sources used for his project.





Nicole Cady 

Spain – Summer 2017


Kaitlyn Rank 

Italy – Summer 2016





Cody Blumenshine

Uganda – Summer 2015





Rebeccah Landman 

South Africa – Summer 2014

Alexandra Pietrzyk 

South Africa – Summer 2014




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