EPI-4-HEALTH: International Collaboration and Training partnership in epidemiology and eHealth to better prevent and control neglected and emerging diseases in Latin America

Latin America faces important challenges regarding access to health and veterinary services due to economic or geographical barriers as well as in training and distribution of human rglobal affairsesources iequine healthn health, which leads to high level of health inequalities and high risk of emergence or re-emergence of diseases. Our Epi-4-Health inter-disciplinary program aims to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of human and animal health care through training and capacity building of human health and veterinary services and the development of innovative eHealth tools to better report, monitor and evaluate neglected and emerging diseases in the region. Here we specifically propose an international partnership and collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization of the World Health Organization (PAHO-WHO) and the Ministry of Health of Paraguay to develop training materials, conduct a workshop and design and implement a eHealth platform to better prevent and control Chagas disease in the multinational area of “Gran Chaco” (Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil).